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Your Potential

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Your Journey to Recovery

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Quality Care

Is Our Priority

Looking for a way out of your addictions? Come to Potential Life Recovery. One of the best outpatient treatment centers in Florida, our mission is to help those who suffer from alcohol and drug addiction on the road to recovery and healing.

We Can Help You

Heal Open Wounds

Addiction can start because of trauma, health issues or from a number of other issues but it continues as a way to numb the pain and escape. We'll help you heal these wounds through our intensive outpatient program.

Heal Relationships

Relationships are often broken, lost and strained during the struggle with addiction. To rebuild these relationships you need an outpatient program that understands how important relationships are in the healing process. At Potential Life we don't just focus on the recovering addict but on those who are a core part of their journey to sobriety and clean living. During our family sessions we help fix those relationships that were broken, lost or strained by addiction.

Overcome the Cycle

You can be clean and sober. Your loved ones can be clean and sober. It all starts by understanding the coping mechanisms to overcome the cycle of relapse and recovery and learn what it takes to live clean and sober. Our outpatient program includes:

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Sessions
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Trauma Processing

We Are Trained Professinals

Our therapists, counselors and case managers are all trained professionals who know how to deal with recovering addicts, those who are on the road to recovery as well as assist families, friends, spouses and loved ones cope with recovery.

Change Your Life Today...

and never experience the highs and lows of addiction again!

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