Naloxone: The life-saving drug

In 1971, 50 years prior, crisis rooms began turning around narcotic overdoses utilizing a prescription called naloxone. It's nonexclusive today, and industry insiders revealed to us it can cost as meager as a nickel a portion to create. In April, in light of the national narcotic emergency, the U.S. top health spokesperson turned out with a warning approaching more Americans to convey naloxone: elderly patients on painkillers, barkeeps and administrators, moms with dependent youngsters and kids with dependent moms. Be that as it may, making naloxone available - getting it to the individuals who require it - is confused.

"Can't get high on it. Can't overdose on it. Can't diminish torment with it. You can simply spare an existence with it." Jennifer Plumb, a crisis room pediatrician in Salt Lake City, says naloxone is a supernatural occurrence sedate.

Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Understand, this stuff is great at what it does. It has one employment. Can't get high on it. Can't overdose on it. Can't assuage torment with it. You can simply spare an existence with it. That is to say, how stunning is that? Lesley Stahl: Does it truly bring individuals once more from death? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: It truly does. What's more, it is high contrast. It is somebody: "Hello, hello, hello, hello, converse with me, converse with me," no reaction, to up and alarm and conversing with you. Lesley Stahl: Come on. Dr. Jennifer Plumb: No, I'm not kidding. It is truly the most relatively dreamlike thing. Since very little in prescription, very little in life does that.

You can see it through police bodycams. This lady in the back of a Salt Lake City PD squad vehicle isn't relaxing. The officer splashes naloxone up her nose with a gadget called Narcan gave to people on call at almost discounted. Watch it produce results. Another case: a young fellow found on a walkway totally lethargic. Officers direct naloxone, they just need to hold up a couple of moments. Out with firefighters in Salt Lake City one cool night, we discovered that the greater part of the division's crisis calls are not fire-related, but rather medicinal. Utah – moderate Utah – is among the best ten states in the nation for narcotic overdose passings averaging a burial service multi day.

Firefighter: We will give a little naloxone to check whether it has any impact. They're endeavoring to spare a man found inert in a recreation center. Cause, obscure. Firefighter: So it could have been an overdose, however no one saw him do it. Lesley Stahl: So, what amount of time do you have? Mike Fox: Well, around six minutes. Lesley Stahl: How would you be able to get to somebody crosswise over town in six minutes? Mike Fox: It's hard.

"It doesn't settle the narcotic scourge... This is just giving somebody a shot." Mike Fox is the fire office's therapeutic boss.

Mike Fox: We, all things considered, give Naloxone around two times each day on calls. Lesley Stahl: Multi day? Mike Fox: Multi day, in Salt Lake City legitimate. It's one of our biggest consumptions consistently. Lesley Stahl: Would you say it's a strain on your financial plan? Mike Fox: As we see increasingly overdoses, it affects our financial plans. Lesley Stahl: Did you need to influence any of alternate firefighters this wasn't, as it were, empowering progressively - addictions? Mike Fox: Sure. Lesley Stahl: And we additionally hear that you spare somebody's life and the following day they're ideal back at it. Mike Fox: They are. This is an infection, and it's a troublesome sickness to kick. In this way, in the event that we need to spare somebody's life three or multiple times, multiple times, it doesn't make a difference to me. Lesley Stahl: So individuals are overdosing more than once. Mike Fox: Nobody needs to overdose. It's not our business to pass judgment. We must spare lives, and the prescription will spare lives. It is anything but a fix, isn't that so? It doesn't settle the narcotic pestilence. It doesn't settle the habit right? This is just giving somebody a possibility.

For this situation, they got to the man past the point of no return.

Firefighter: OK. We should end our revival endeavors right now.

Since speed is fundamental, about all states have now made it legitimate for anybody to convey and oversee naloxone, similar to these two great samaritans infusing an outsider. When crisis responders show up, the lady has just come to. Dr. Plumb runs a program got Utah Naloxone to give out these first aid kits to anybody. With two vials of naloxone and two syringes.

Lesley Stahl: You go into the most noticeably awful parts of town? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Sure, now and again. Lesley Stahl: Into sex houses? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Sure. Lesley Stahl: You go into destitute safe houses. Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Yeah. Completely.

Patrick Rezak passes out Naloxone with journalist Lesley Stahl to in danger individuals in Salt Lake City's "Rio Grande" CBS NEWS

Patrick Rezac: Hey, pardon me, do you need Naloxone?

Patrick Rezac, a previous medication junkie, is a piece of a system that has helped Dr. Plumb distribute in excess of 36,000 units for nothing, some on the roughest roads of Salt Lake City, in a region called "Rio Grande."

Patrick Rezac: Our objective is have everyone have one of these. Thus we simply inquire as to whether they have known about Naloxone, on the off chance that they require Naloxone. Patrick Rezac: You take the finish off, alright and afterward you put the needle in the fluid and you pull it back, okay? Furthermore, put it straight in the thigh. Blast! MAN: Right there. Patrick Rezac: Yup. In that spot, right in the shoulder. Directly through the garments. Doesn't make a difference.

Dr. Plumb's sibling, Sam, helped to establish Utah Naloxone.

Sam in the city: You have two portions. What's more, you got two syringes. Simply put them right in a major muscle. No "Mash Fiction," not in the heart. Lesley Stahl: What on the off chance that you happen upon somebody and they're on the ground… Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Yeah. Lesley Stahl: And you believe it's an overdose, yet it's extremely a heart assault? What's more, you give them this? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: You won't encourage them, yet you won't hurt them. Same thing for diabetes, same thing for head wounds. Same thing for strokes. Lesley Stahl: How did you get inspired by this? You're a pediatric specialist. You work in the ER. Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Yeah. You know, sadly, my family experienced managing fixation in our family. 1996, we lost my sibling Andy to a heroin overdose. Lesley Stahl: In his circumstance, if naloxone had been there, would he have been spared? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: I do think in any event in that one night when we lost him, if Naloxone would have been there, I do figure he would have had another possibility that night. What's more, that was a major inspiration. Lesley Stahl: And you give it out free? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Absolutely free, totally free, dependably will be. Lesley Stahl: So how would you get it? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: We buy it. We- - we get give cash and we have- - Lesley Stahl: Grant cash? Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Yeah, we get give reserves. Lesley Stahl: People in the city, and I'm including law implementation, figure, "For what reason do we need to use cash and additional vitality when you're simply doing it to yourself?" Dr. Jennifer Plumb: Right. You know, I have had the terrible experience of losing my father to disease and my sibling to compulsion. Also, I will let you know, these are both unending and backsliding conditions, isn't that so? In the event that your malignant growth backslides, you get everything. You get bolster from your locale. You have groups of doctors that take a seat and say, "Okay, we will locate the subsequent stage for you." But you take a gander at my sibling's dependence, a perpetual backsliding condition. Furthermore, when he would backslide, and I will claim that I did it as well. That there was this- - especially this, "Gee… All those devices. Such time. Such cash - " Lesley Stahl: "And you went appropriate back to it?" Dr. Jennifer Plumb: "And you went appropriate back. Also, you backslid."

Dr. Plumb's group additionally goes into private homes in suburbia to prepare individuals, similar to the Keetch family: father, mother, grandmother and Ashlee: a someone who is addicted five weeks clean. On the off chance that she backslides now Ashlee is likelier to O.D. because of lower resilience. So they need to figure out how to utilize naloxone at home, all aside from Ashlee: she definitely realizes how to utilize it.

Ashlee: I've utilized it twice on individuals and brought them back. Lesley Stahl: Now would you say you were - would you say you were high? Ashlee: Mm-well. Better believe it, I was- - Lesley Stahl: And despite everything you could do it. Ashlee: Yeah. Lesley Stahl: Ashlee, when did you begin and how could you begin? Ashlee: When I was 19 I begun on OxyContin. Changed over to heroin since you couldn't get the other any longer.

Ashlee was a bad-to-the-bone medication junkie for a long time. After many fizzled endeavors to get spotless, her folks revealed to her they couldn't bear it any longer and she wound up destitute, in the ghettos of Rio Grande.

Lesley Stahl: This is the place Ashlee was. Patrick Rezac: Yeah. Ashlee's down here. For a year. Lesley Stahl: You utilized - you used to see her here. Patrick Rezac: Yeah, we used to endeavor to place her in motel spaces for the night when I could. Lesley Stahl: What shape would she say she was in when you saw her? Patrick Rezac: Well, you saw her today. Envision her 50 pounds lighter. Lesley Stahl: 50 pounds lighter? Patrick Rezac: Yeah. With injuries and- - she was not fit as a fiddle. She was scarcely unmistakable. Her grandma frequently ran searching for her with sustenance and offers of an agreeable place to rest. Kitsy: She was skin and bones and she revealed to me that- - that it was so difficult to be on heroin and how terrible it was and to be dependent on it. Throughout the previous ten years, particularly through her unpleasant occasions, we realized it was either going to be funeral home or prison. Anita: We're continually sitting tight for that call. It's going to be the correctional facility, or the funeral home, or the police. Lesley Stahl: I had a mother reveal to me t

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