Substance Abuse & Mental Health Facility in Florida

Potential Life Recovery is located in Sunrise, FL. We provide a comprehensive one on one approach to overcoming addiction by utilizing evidence-based practices in a safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment. Our services consist of Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient services. “PHP, IOP, OP”

Mission Statement

Potential Life Recovery was opened to provide the highest level of care for anyone struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. We are here to assist our patients in their journey to obtain the tools necessary to develop their recovery identity and live a happy, healthy, and drug/alcohol free life.

Potential Life Recovery

Family Therapy

Addiction directly effects not only the addict or alcoholic but the family as well. We always encourage the family’s to play a roll in their loved ones treatment process when the time is right. While the client is in our care we will set up family sessions to provide the family and client a safe place to open up and heal together. This can be done in person or set up over phone call or Skype.

Compassionate & Dedicated Staff

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and need help, let Potential Life Recovery show you the path. We have a compassionate, dedicated, and highly skilled team, who are ready to walk with you through the struggles of early recovery. We help you work through the issues that have been holding you back for years. Contact Us

We are proud to have a staff with over 40 years of experience in treating addiction. All of our master level clinicians are here to treat each client with the best care. Our clinicians assist our clients to heal core issues that lead them to their addiction and how to incorporate healthy coping skills to avoid relapse.

Our Facility

Is conveniently located in Sunrise, Florida. We are a small intimate program, which allows us to provide more individual care and attention to our clients. The clinical building is a warm,inviting, and safe place for our clients to open up and start living their full potential.